Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Can't Dot the Capital İ... Or Can You?

I was always told that you can't dot a capital 'i.' They simply are meant to be barren. Isn't that sad? I wanted to give the big 'i' a dot just like the little one had, just so it didn't feel left out. In fourth grade I dotted my capital 'i's for a week before the teacher caught on.

"Isabel (İ), why do you insist on dotting the capital 'i's? That's just for the little ones. You simply must stop." I must stop?
"Teacher, it looks so lonely though. Shouldn't it have something to keep it warm?"
*Tsktsk* "Dots don't keep letters warm and anyway, it's an adult 'i.' It grew out of its dot." If you say so...
^Special letters!!!
This must be a sign. I was meant to be a Turk. Maybe I was one in a past life, or maybe I simply have a calling to Türkiye. But, that's where I'm meant to be. Thank goodness I caught on and decided to go there.


On a side note...

Every time I go through my blog  I see that picture of the the baklava. Oh my god, do I want some baklava. Delicious and honey-drenched, sticky, walnutty - baklava is up there with chocolate as one of my favorite desserts.

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