Friday, June 24, 2011

O Müzik Sever (She Loves the Music)

I honestly have to say that I love Turkey. I haven't left yet (and nor do I know where I'm going...) but I already know I'm going to love it.

I love Turkish food - when we go to Mediterranean restaurants, I will give a jaunty 'teşekkürler.' Granted, half the time the waiters look at me as if I have six heads, but sometimes I will get a grin and a 'bir şey değil' back. I could eat kebaps and aşure 'till I croak.

I love Turkish history - we went to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) and instead of sticking with my parents to see interesting art (not that I don't love art) I abandoned them to go on a hunt. I found the Middle Eastern wing, and in it I found Iznik tiles, which are the most beautiful and intricate things ever. The pottery is famous for blue designs of leaves and flowers and utter gorgeousness.

I love the music - my Turkish friends have been plying me with all sorts of music. Pop, rock, jazz, anything and everything. From songs about ice cream to romance, passion, and random other cool things. I'm in love with how artists blend traditional rhythms with modern ones, creating a time warp with past and present an future. I'm in love with how cool a guitar sounds next to a kemençe. It makes you want to dance and dance and dance.

I really, honestly cannot wait to go. I'm excited that shortly I'll be picking up my bags, my visa, and my passport, boarding a plane and flying off into an adventure. I'm looking forward to new friends, family, fun, and amazing. IT WILL BE A BLAST!!!

See you soon, Türkiye!!! <3

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  1. I'm extremely jealous of you and your future kebabs...