Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh, the Aggravation...

When in doubt (or in fits of frustration/anger)...yell loudly in Turkish at the Turkish-teaching software. That's what we call a winning action, folks. AAAAPTAAAAL!!!

I'm gradually gaining momentum with this Turkish learning. In the scheme of things that I'm good at, we can put learning languages up there with playing therapist, navigating high-heel shoes, and falling up the stairs. Tamam, I like languages.

I've always had a knack for picking up the message in what people say, even if I don't speak the language. I can gather what people mean. But I also can quickly pick up words and use them. When I find words I like I will almost always add them into regular conversation - words like obnoxious, serendipitous, and demandatory (I also like making up new words).

I would say that my Turkish-learning is going well. Recently, I spent two two-hour bus rides immersed in my Turkish book and all of this afternoon on my new software. Which brings us full circle to my original point. Evidently, I have learned enough Turkish to yell at my new software, which is good because then no one knows how upset I am. Oh wait... the tone. If you listened to my (ahem) interesting afternoon, you would see a very sick teenage girl sitting on the couch in pajamas yelling 'ne, NE, NE!!!' at her computer. (Part of the software was to repeat after the lovely little man who talks in Türkçe, saying things like 'Bu acil bir durum'* and 'Bir şişe bira, lütfen'*) After a while, the pj-clad girl understands the software and stops yelling and starts muttering what the little man says, hoping this will get her somewhere...

Honestly, some of the things I've learned so far seem a bit useless. I can't exactly imagine myself saying 'İki kişilik bir masa, lütfen. Köşede. Karanlık.'* at any restaurant, whether it was a nice place or not. But we shall see. Teach me, my lovely Turkish things, let me steal the knowledge from your pages and pixels and use it for my own devices. ;D

*This is an emergency
*A bottle of beer, please
*A table for two people. A corner. Dark (Sketch, much?)

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