Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Shrinky Dink Evil Genius

Well, hello there, my fine friend. Ever heard of a little something called a Shrinky Dink? What? No? Well then. You should probably know that they are like the coolest things ever. You draw something on this sheet of plastic, put it in the oven, and voila! You have a tiny miniature. Here's an example:
And then into the toaster oven with him!


And the dinks have been shrinked (shrunk)... So my Shrinky Dink creativity begins. With these dinks of shrink I will make numerous pins to hand out to other lovely exchangers. I really like the pin trading tradition because you start with a blank blazer:

And you end with a full blazer:

This is Mild, my Thai exchange host sister. We presented for our Rotary club Wednesday, July 20th. Sadly, she went home on Monday, July 25th. She will certainly be missed. (To Mild: I LOVE YOU SHARKKYYYYY)
And whenever you meet other exchange students (especially Rotary exchange students) we give each  other pins. Some people make them, some people buy them. Some are pins, others are tokens of a country simply clipped on with a safety pin. The fun thing is getting to show off your full blazer. The not fun thing is getting stabbed with a bunch of pin backs. I wonder how hard it is to get through a metal detector...

So here are my pins that I made to bring with me and hand out and whatnot. There is basically nothing on my blazer right now. We'll change that, shall we?

This one has an evil eye bead on it!
This one has an old man on it!
So exciting stuff, tomorrow is the rebound meeting! I get to see all my crazy awesome exchange outbounds tomorrow and hear from the ones who just got back! I'll have some information I learned from the rebounds up tomorrow and fun stuff.

If anyone noticed, I put a list of links to exchange blogs that I read up on the side bar. I'm quite sure that this list will just keep growing, but for now it's pretty short. I didn't warn you on the list, so here's a warning - SOME OF THE BLOGS ARE NOT IN ENGLISH. (Ie, there is Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish up there... so watch out.)

Hope everyone's having a fantastic summer! I only have about 3 weeks left stateside and then it will be fun times and Turkish delight! (I actually hate Turkish delight, but it went with the sentence...)


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