Monday, August 8, 2011

Confusion Beyond Imagining

I officially put my Facebook in Turkish today. The only reason I have any idea what's going on is because I may be a tad bit addicted to Facebook. I can gather (within reason) what things mean in Turkish, but sometimes I completely don't understand. What I didn't realize was that everything (and I mean everything) is in Turkish, not English, so when it lists languages that people speak, more often than not it says İngilizce" or "İspanyolca". Thankfully, I can understand when it says "Beğen!" or "Yorum yap!"*, which is amazing and exciting for me! My Turkish is slowly but surely getting better. Fingers crossed for being able to hold a conversation eventually! (I'm more than slightly relieved because my other future Turks are just as confused as I am with Facebook in Turkish!) I'd put my computer in Turkish, but I'd have no idea what was going on and would more than likely break it...

On another note, I do not yet have my visa, ticket, or itinerary, so we'll see how antsy I get in the next couple of weeks... (This might be on the magnitude of getting my Guarantee Form, folks... Watch out for anxious Izzy!) Toes crossed for getting those important things soon!


This was cute AND illustrates my emotions... :P

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