Friday, August 19, 2011

I've Got a VISA not a MasterCard

Well hello again! I thought I'd give you an update of recent excitement. There may or may not be a pop quiz on this later.

  1. I got my VISA today. Exciting stuff.
  2. I talked to my host brother today about random stuff, including food, grammar, skiing, Gossip Girl, and school.
  3. I know my flight plan. Officially.
  4. I can officially write short emails in Turkish. And apparently I can make sense as well. Job well done?

After much ado about Visa receiving, today I finally heard word back from our travel plan people. I have a student visa to be in Turkey for a year! I also have an itinerary. I leave from Boston at 8:20 in the evening on Wednesday the 24 (20:20, Çarşamba, 24 Ağostos), arriving to Munich around 9:45 in the morning the next day. I head out of Munich at 11:25 for Ankara where I will be greeted at 3:15 in the afternoon (15:15) by my amazing host family. I will be spending about 11 hours on a plane. Joy of joys. 

I talked to Ilgaz for an hour or so today. Note on the Gossip Girl - he was the one watching that show, not me. It was really great to hear that he thought my Turkish was coming along, which surprised me because in my mind it's still very underdeveloped. Turkish grammar is interesting in that it makes more sense than English (I get this feeling with just about every language) and there are simply endings that you tack onto the end of adjectives/verbs/nouns to conjugate them. There is skiing outside of Ankara, as well as hiking and other adventures (I'm so excited because my host mother likes to ski!). Ilgaz said that he was planning his guide trip, making sure that I know how to navigate transportation and things to do, as well as neighborhoods to avoid. I promised that before he leaves for Brazil I will bake chocolate chip cookies, which are an important part of an American diet (there are lots of other things but 1. I don't know how to cook them and 2. I don't particularly like them.)

So I'll be heading out next Wednesday!! :D

Şimdi ben bavul hazırlamak lazım... O.o*
*Now I have to pack... O.o

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